Let Soldiers Take The Fight To The Bandits In The Bush – Army Captain To FG.

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According to a news that was published by the Bellnews Online yesterday evening, it was reported that a serving army captain, who spoke to Bellnews Online correspondent under the condition of anonymity, has revealed the reason why there has been persistent attacks by terrorists in the country.

While the Army Captain was talking, he said that the Military was not been allowed to take fights to the bandits or terrorists in the bush, as he said this is one of the reasons why Nigeria is still facing insecurity.

He said that, the Federal Government of Nigeria, should allow the Nigerian Military to take the fight to the terrorists inside their hideouts, stressing that the security agencies should be allowed to flush the terrorists out of Nigeria’s forests and border territories and not wait until they (terrorists) come to attack innocent civilians before they (military) also attack them.

According to him, a state must have control over every inch of its own territory.

What do you think about what this captain said ?

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