Even If You Point a Gun To My Head I Won’t Tell You How I Will Deal Nigeria Security – Peter Obi

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In an interview with Arise Television, the Nigerian Labour Party presidential candidate identified as Peter Obi has explained that his security plans for Nigeria remain a secret amid the warning by the US Department of State over imminent terrorist attacks in Abuja.

In response to Rufai, an Arise Television news presenter, Peter Obi disclosed that “even with a gun to his head, He can not give you details of how he will deal with security, adding that if he reveals the details, it won’t work”.

I will be their commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria and I will make security my number-one priority immediately after I become the president. However I won’t give details of how I will tackle the insecurity because it won’t produce results when leaked, Peter Obi revealed according to a video.

We will be responsive and responsible. The US can only tell you that its army is going on a mission but they will never reveal to you what nature of the operation or location of their mission, Peter Obi explained.

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