If Not For God I Would Have Engage In Armed Forces With Fulani Herdsmen.

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Ortom claimed that Miyetti Allah learned of his plan to take them to the ICC in an exclusive interview with The ICIR in Makurdi, Benue State.

Speaking about a string of attacks by herdsmen on rural communities in Benue State, Ortom alleged that if it weren’t for God and his respect for the law, he would have taken up guns to fight.

He declared, “I would have taken up arms and gone there to fight if I were not a child of God, if I did not believe in obeying the law, and if I did not respect the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. This impunity is excessive, so they (Fulani herders) believe that nothing severe would happen to them as a result of their brother being there, so act the way they want and go scot-free.

We haven’t done something wrong, and I am the one who is taking Miyetti Allah to the ICC; once they detected that I was getting ready to sue them and alternative complicit parties, they went ahead and did what they did.

He additionally claimed that the centralized support of Miyetti Allah is backed by the federal government.

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