Election: “They deployed agents who killed and maimed many” – Peter Obi fumes

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Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has bemoaned the election-related violence that was witnessed during the 2023 election.

In a statement on Wednesday night, sent to Bellnewsonline.com, the presidential hopeful asked his supporters to always maintain their cool, and also, keep their hope in Nigeria alive.

He said: “It is my desire and commitment to empower Nigerian youths to leadership.

“Yet, we must do our utmost to be calm even under provocation; we must also not allow those bent on using any pretext to plunge our country into chaos and leave our youths without a future to succeed.

“We were provoked during the elections, but we showed restraint, patriotism and wisdom because we were voting for a greater Nigeria and not for the destruction of Nigeria. They deployed agents who killed and maimed many, including innocent women, but we kept our cool.

“I plead to every Nigerian to keep the faith and hope in Nigeria alive. We are on this journey together, and better and happier years await all of us. God bless the good people of Nigeria and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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