Buhari Must Stay Popular Catholic Priest Reacts To Impeachment Threat In The Senate

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Members of Nigerian senate have caused lots reactions after they were seen singing in a video “all we are saying, Buhari Must go.

” Report has it that this call for the impeachment of president muhammadu buhari, was as a result of the rise in insecurity and terrorism in the country.

However one of the many people was to react to this very video is Reverend Father Augustine Abiagom as he took to his official Facebook page to react in a post a captioned, “No! Buhari Must Stay! A Message To The Members Of The Nigerian Senate”

According to Rev. Father Augustine Abiagom, it is surprising to see that some members of the Nigerian senate are beginning to sing, Buhari Must Go, go to where if I may ask? Where were you when the poor masses we are crying and lamenting Hyundai insecurity state of a country? Where were you when people were killed and kidnapped on a daily basis? What took You so Long to say that Buhari must go? Now that insecurity has reached the federal capital territory, Abuja where you reside in your mansions and you remember that Buhari must go.

I thought this terrorist you only attack the poor masses I never knew they will come for you. And now that the drumbeat have changed you all of a sudden realised that buhari must go.

If Buhari must go, you should all go with him. Because your silence have cost us a lot in this country so if buhari must go you all must go with him.

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