Bishop David Abioye Gives Nigerians Clue aon Who To Vote For.

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Bishop David Abioye, the state pastor of Living Faith Church, Abuja branch has sent message to Christians across the country on who they should vote for during 2023 elections. Bishop Abioye while urging Christians to get their PVC ready, listed three categories of people Christians should vote for.

1) Vote for Competence

According to Bishop Abioye, “Who is the person that can lead this nation competently? Who are the ones who can bring us out of killings & corruption? Anyone who has this quality should lead us to the Promise Land”.

2) Vote for ethnic group promoters

According to the Bishop, anyone who cannot support or promote other ethnic groups should not be voted for. “How many officials went to Owo were Christians killed in the church? Please let’s face the reality and vote rightly”, Bishop David Abioye says.

3) Vote in defence of the faith

“I have to be honest, the church has suffered enough over the years. Before, the killings were done in the North; now it has gradually moved to the South.

I will not be wrong to say that some Christians were killed secretly but the report is not online. Vote for people who can defend our faith”, Bishop David Abioye said.

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