Celebrates Dozzy Oil On His Meritorious National Award

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Sir Daniel Chukwudozie aka Dozzy Oil and Gas, the President of Dozzy Group with tentacles in virtually everything from Oil and Gas to Real Estate down to Haulage, Shipping and numerous other parts of the entrepreneurial and production industry, has been an indispensable pillar of the Nation for over 40 years, save the mess Chief Dr. Cletus Ibeto dragged him into recently when he sold government property to Dozzy and collected 4.8 billion naira, Chief Daniel Chukwudozie has stayed out of controversy and he is level headed.

“Rising from humble beginnings in Okija, Anambra South Senatorial District of Nigeria, Akudo or Dikechinagbaulogu firmly planted his feet in the murky waters of producing top of the range yet affordable services to Nigerians, thus, responsible for the employment of thousands of Nigerians directly, positive engagement of many thousands more indirectly and empowerment of many many thousands more through his far reaching, philanthropic and humanitarian services as well as sponsorship of programs and events that richly benefit Nigerians

A very unassuming man, Dozzy is easily one of the most influential yet humble, successful business mogul who is known for his diligence, empathy and attention to details whilst always looking out for how he can help humanity” describe the Presidential Award given to Dozzy oil as long overdue but most fitting.

We join all men of goodwill to celebrate Chief Daniel Chukwudozie OFR

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