Ex-Militants Threatens Nigeria Government, Vows To Blow Up Oil Pipelines In Delta Community

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Some ex-militants of the Isoko community in the Southern Isoko Local Government Area in Delta State have given the Nigerian government 24 hours to deal with it or they will blow up all the oil wells in their communities.

According to the ex-militants in a video shared by Koko TV Nigeria and viewed by Bellnewsonline.com, although their community has the largest number of oil wells, the government has marginalized them in every way, including grace. amnesty.

The leader of the veterans, who identifies himself as General Do Good, says that while the government pays attention to members of the Ijaw community, those from Isoko have been brushed aside as if they didn’t exist.

He added that they have kept calm for a long time, but if the government doesn’t meet them and solve the problem within 24 hours, they will blow up all the oil wells in Isoko Sud.

The former army general, with his face covered and surrounded by two others wearing the same suit with many sophisticated weapons, said, “I am General Do Good. We have been marginalized for a long time. It is not the only Ijaw with oil in the so-called Niger Delta. We Isoko have most of the oil production areas, but even with the amnesty, we don’t show our faces.

“Whatever, we didn’t show our faces. We even heard there was a surveillance slot, but so far Isoko hasn’t seen us. So, for this reason, within 24 hours, if they don’t call us and fix the problem, we will blow up all the wells in the Isoko community.

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