Anyone Who Thinks He. can Stop Peter Obi Movement Must A Joker – Popular Journalis Rufai Oseni

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A prominent Nigerian journalist, Rufai Oseni, has addressed concerns from people who think that Peter Obi may win more supporters through the Labour Party rally scheduled to be held in Lagos State. Rufai analyzed the topic while speaking on VOP.

Addressing the topic, Rufai said, “You can not deny that Peter Obi is pulling his weight. I rely on facts, and anyone who thinks they can stop the Peter Obi movement is not serious. The movement has “trabaye,” and there is empirical data to show it. Other campaigns are also gathering momentum.

He continued, “Some would argue that other campaigns are gathering momentum, but that depends on the data. I could not get the sample size of the NOI poll, but Bloomberg gave a 4,000 sample size, and it is one of the biggest that I have seen in this election cycle.

You may recall that the Bloomberg poll and the NOI poll put Peter Obi ahead of other presidential candidates as the next general election draws nearer. The outcomes have since continued to spark discussions among Nigerians.

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