Any Yoruba Person That Votes During 2023 – Oba Solomon

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Adelana Adekunle Solomon, also known as Oba Solomon Agbaye, a controversial prophet, has cursed every Yoruba who votes in the 2023 election.

This was proclaimed by Oba Solomon in response to the attack on the Ondo church.

He said:

Shame to all Yoruba kings, All the Yorubas, the Yoruba King, Yoruba Governor am angry with you, they have destroyed our land.

All the lockdown during COVID-19 was used to smuggle guns into the South-West.

All the Yorubas are this how you will be looking, I told you all that you are all crazy, they will kill you all.

The Oba has sold all the lands to Fulani, and the youth are there doing nothing where you suppose to have created a riot.

Are you saying the DPO, commissioner’, and the king in Owo didn’t know about it?

No stranger can do such.

Yorubas, no government again, go and defend yourself, if they can not secure you, secure yourself.

He further, said if any Yoruba vote in 2023 will not prosper, they will all perish.

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