How To Know and Elect A Leader And Not a Politician – Nwafor Orizu

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I don’t ascribe to be a politician, I want to be a leader: Politicians think about next elections while leaders think about next generation.

All we have around are politicians that is why we have no leader. You need not be a President, Parliamentarian or Governor to be a leader.

Practice leadership first in your home (family), your community, your church. If greater percentage of us imbibe good training to our children, we are invariably training good leaders.

If the religious houses are presently doing same, we will be producing wonderful leaders not politicians. Current politicians that masquerade as leaders did not emanate from sky they grew among us, they live with us, they are our brothers, sisters, uncle, aunties etc.

Therefore they are product of the system. How do we expect better when they are mere politicians?
Politics in Nigeria is the most rucreative merchandise that’s why it has engaged the greater population of our society.

Today everyone is a politician. Professionals have abandoned their professions to join politics. Consequently those critical areas of human and societal development are deficient.

Most significant is that majority of the people that failed in their businesses and career coupled with those with no work are now Professional politicians.

As I always maintained, no sane society that operates in this ugly trend that survives it in the long run. Let’s eschew sentiments and embrace the reality, we have lost the basic values that gets a society running and in proper check. These basic values are thought from cradle to adult hood. The Bible stated it clearly, teach your children the way to go so when they grow up they will not depart from it. Parents take pride only in paying the bills of their children without conscientious training. The ones without money leaves the fate of their children to the already polluted society. Consequently, all manner of people are shun out to the system ranging from extremists, killers, religious fanatics, kidnappers, greedy men and women with zero conscience, armed robbers, hallots etc.

Constant criticism of those in power will not solve our problem but conscientious effort by me and you to change our attitude and world views. This will go a long way in ammiliorting the present quagmire we found ourselves as a country.

Capitalism is a great innovation in human development; it encourages competition, improves productivity etc but it’s underpinning principle eludes the knowledge of crude bourgeoisie that scattered all over the place thereby depriving the innocent populace the right of proper and decent development.

Even in America and other advanced democracies, they still subside health care, education, and runs their economy around productivity. You spend as you earn.

My people let’s embrace the realities and stop chasing shadows. Let’s bring back our values, let’s see money as a means of survival not an end in itself.


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