Anambra Widow and Late Husband's Friend in Conflict over Will Dispute

Anambra Widow and Late Husband’s Friend in Conflict over Will Dispute

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Tensions have flared between Mrs. Obiageli Nweke, a widow from Anambra state, and Mr. Frank Anagor, a friend of her late husband from Awka, Anambra. The dispute centers around allegations made by Anagor that the widow’s son is threatening his life amid disagreements over the execution of the late Mr. Stephen Nweke’s Will.

Anagor, named as one of the executors in the Will, claims that he received verbal abuse and harassment from Mrs. Nweke when discussions regarding the Will took place. Furthermore, he alleges that threats were made against him by Mrs. Nweke’s son, prompting him to seek police intervention and petition the Chief of Army Staff.

However, Mrs. Nweke denies these allegations, asserting that neither she nor her son made any threats. She contests the validity of the Will, suggesting that it was drafted under questionable circumstances and without her late husband’s full consent.

Mrs. Nweke also accuses Anagor and her brother-in-law of being complicit in manipulating the Will for their own gain. She refutes claims that they abandoned her late husband during his illness and accuses them of attempting to seize control of her late husband’s property.

The conflict underscores deep-seated disagreements over inheritance and raises questions about the integrity of legal processes surrounding the execution of wills.

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