Anambra Agbero Saga: Reactions, as YPP House of Assembly Candidate, Ikedoji Throws More Light On It. (Full Video)

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Yesterday, after the emergence of Sir, Augustine Ike-Ikedoji as the candidate to represent Young Progressive Party (YPP) in Anambra State House of Assembly Election for Nnewi North Constituency, he made a video intending to help address insecurity by calling on the Anambra State Governor His Excellency Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo to allow the Agbero people return to park management for now as he face other security challenges.

As this video continues to generate controversies, Ikedoji in Ogbako Ora Nnewi WhatsApp platform decided to throw more light on the video. According to him…👇

In Standard Practice

1. The essence of creation of state is for peace and security of all men ,(cf. The Leviathan by T. Hobbes)

2. Syllogistically by deductive thinking its save to conclude that a failed state is that state which life and properties are not secured

3. It follows that any decision that will directly affect lives, properties means of livelihood without immediate alternative is not just poor decision making, but dangerous and on moral scale evil.

4. It’s not about the “Agberos”, it’s about the safety of tax payers and citizens.

5. An institution like the Agbero that feed over hundred thousand families who do not have alternative source of livelihood is very delicate, sensitive and must be handled with care.

6. Therefore, its safe to say that the worst decision so far made by Gov Chukwuma Soludo was immediate shutting down of Agbero Union without immediate alternative source of income for those displaced.

5a.  it worst because it drastically reduced the internally generated revenue of the state

5b. It’s worst because it’s the easiest way to increase crime in the society and its save to logically conclude that Soludo’s rather erratic decisions on this subject matter is in part responsible for the increased insecurity in the state.

6. Soludo’s abrogation of the agbero clearly shows he lacks profundity and its corollaries in security management, because the agbero is a veritable source of information to the state government; especially, on security matters.

7. I gathered that those managing this parks contributed at least two million each to support his campaign, I equally gathered that one Mr. David was used by the state government to make them bid and most of them used their life savings to do the new bid .

Example some paid 5 million naira and more, then Soludo now told them to go and learn hand work that he will use POS to control revenue

8. Nothing is wrong with having a better idea but everything is wrong with displacing people first and then looking for idea on how to reintroduce them into the society. They could be allowed to work as government work on alternatives.

9.  I strongly maintain that Soludo should allow this guys return to their duty post as no strong protest have ever been held against them among them.

10. The Solution remains that if Government believes they are loosing too much revenue, they should increase the target given to these guys. Obiano upon taken over as Anambra State Governor increased the IGR rate by 100 percent and these Agbero were still meeting up with the payment.

Meanwhile, he cannot open two fronts at once. If he wishes to face UGM, let him stay away from the Agbero until he is done with that chapter

Nothing is wrong with Soludo allowing the entire system left by Gov Obiano to run for one year, before he start injecting his own idea.

Watch full Video Below.

Sir, Augustine Ike-Ikedoji


Gov. C. C Soludo ⁩

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