4 Things To Do When Your Partner Is No Longer Interested In You

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A healthy relationship requires equal commitment from both partners, or one of them will begin to feel their partner is showing signs that they are not interested in the relationship again. People usually lose interest in a relationship for many reasons.

Your partner can lose interest when there are too many unresolved issues like cheating, domestic violence, or when they’ve found a better partner.

You will notice that they don’t give you attention anymore. They can go for a few weeks without giving you a call or checking on you.

They may not tell you that they are not interested again, but from the way they respond to you and how they handle the relationship, you can figure out that they’ve lost interest. You don’t have to force yourself on them; just follow these tips.

1. Try to talk to your partner about what you’ve observed concerning their attitude.

Don’t talk to them aggressively or blame them for anything. Just call their attention to what’s going on.

Let them understand that it’s making you feel uncomfortable in the relationship and that you want them to change.

2. Find out whether you’ve done anything to hurt them to deserve such behavior from them.

If they tell you your mistake and you find it reasonable, try to apologize to them.

However, if your offense does not warrant such an attitude from them, you will need to observe them.

3. If you haven’t done anything wrong and they promise to change, you might have to give them some time to readjust.

Watch their commitment to the relationship again. If you don’t see any improvement after some time, you have to protect your dignity.

4. Give them space to figure out what they want.

They may be seeing someone else because they feel he or she is better than you. Don’t force the relationship to work. If they think their class is higher than yours, you might have to change schools.

  • After giving them space, if you don’t hear anything productive from them again or see any sign of seriousness, you might have to call it quits because you can’t lose yourself while trying to please someone who is unnecessarily not giving you regard.

Never put yourself in a situation where you’ll be begging for love. It’s no longer love if you have to be humiliated before you receive it.

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