3 Things Nigeria Female Soldiers Can’t Do In The Mitary.

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The Nigerian Military, just like every reputable organisation, has laid down rules and regulations guilding it’s operations.

These laws apply all of its officers irrespective of background and affiliations.

However, there are certain things Nigerian female Soldiers are not allowed to do.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three of those things they’re not allowed to do.

1. Getting married within three years of active service.

A female soldier is not allowed to get married within her first three years of active service. She must serve the Nigerian Military for at least three years before she can be allowed to get married. If she do otherwise, she will be greatly punished.

2. Show of public affection while on uniform.

One of the major things a Nigerian female soldier is not allowed to do, is to display affection in public. Whether it is to her husband, spouse or male colleague, showing affection of any sort like kissing, is prohibited. If any female soldier is caught doing this, she would have to face the punishment of her actions.

3. Carrying of Long hairs below their shoulders.

Female Soldiers are not allowed to carry long hairs that are below their shoulders when on Uniform. At all times, the hair must always be neatly and well packed.

What do you have to say about this? Do you think these laws are okay? Kindly click on the comments section and share your views with us.

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