Zamfara’s Gold and Crude Oil Belongs To Us.

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A group under the aegis of Lower Niger Oxygen LNO has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to as well consider crude oil endowment in the Niger Delta as free gift of nature to the inhabitants like the Zamfara gold deposit which was mined and exported by the Zamfara State Government.

The LNO also advised the former Leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta MEND Oweizide Ekpomupolo aka Tompolo to jettison the 4.8billion monthly surveillance contract awarded to him by the Muhammadu Buhari administration for him not be at dagger drawn with his fellow Niger Delta.

The spokes person of LNO who preferred to be addressed as Alpa told journalist after it’s meeting in Udu near Warri warned sons of Niger Delta not to be used as easy tools to cause division, bloodletting and acrimony for a plate portage.

Alpa maintained that as far the Federal Government could allow the Zamfara people and Government to freely mine and sold gold deposits found within their State ,equally does not have the moral right to stop those who partake in the crude oil business to better their lives.

The spokesman of the LNO noted that for decades the Federal Government through the multi national oil companies have been exploring oil in the region ,with it’s revenue used to develop other areas without recourse to the environment the revenue gotten from, added that since the government has failed the people, let the people enjoyed dividends of their environment, he said.

Alpa said despite the call from socio cultural organizations, elders, youths and other stakeholders to the Federal Government to constitute a substansive board of the Niger Delta Development Commission to at least address some of our developmental needs fall on deaf ears ,for the past three and half years in this present administration.

“But they deem it necessary to award surveillance contract to safeguard crude oil pipelines, but not interested to develop and address the challenges of these oil bearing communities. It only a fool that will take this government serious. The crude oil is our birthright ,we will use it to better our lives.”

He further warned that any son of the region who tries to stop the livelihood crude oil business in the region would be labelled anti-Niger Delta and be dealt with accordingly.

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