Zamfara State Governor Matawalle Insist on Arming Residence in The State Donates 20 Hilux and 1500 Bikes

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Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle says he cannot refuse his directive to Zamfara State residents to get arms and defend themselves against bandits, despite the reservation of Defence Minister Lucky Irabor.

Matawalle yesterday went a step further and set up four committee to implement all the strategies his government has devised to fight banditry and restore peace in the country.

The committees are: intelligence gathering on banditry, protection of the public, prosecution of crimes related to banditry and a standing committee on national security.

Mattawale donated 20 new Toyota Hilux vans and 1,500 motorbikes to enable members to start their activities.

The governor made a veiled reference to Irabor’s opposition to his order, saying that as a government that has sworn to protect its citizens, it would “do everything possible to fulfil this duty within the law”.

“We are aware of the concerns expressed in some quarters about the new measures, especially the decision to encourage community members, who are subjected to almost daily inhuman attacks by bandits, to acquire firearms to protect their communities,” the governor said in a statement issued by his spokesperson Jamilu Magaji.

Matawalle assured that “the acquisition and use of firearms by members of the public who so desire will be governed by the Nigerian Firearms Act.”

According to Naija news agency, He said his administration understood the desire of security agencies to curb the activities of bandits but said “their efforts were hampered by lack of adequate modern combat equipment and shortage of personnel”.

Matawale explained that his government’s decision to “mobilize the people to protect their communities complemented the efforts of conventional security forces in fighting banditry and finding informants”.

Matawallee said options such as dialogue, reconciliation and disarmament, regular engagement with the federal government, collaboration with neighbouring states and authorities in Niger Republic, as well as dismantling mobile phone networks were being considered to eradicate banditry and related crimes in the state.

He added that his administration had established a settlement known as RUGA for nomads and logistical support for security agencies.

However, Matawale’s colleague in Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, believes that the security situation in his troubled state does not justify calling on residents to acquire weapons for self-defence.

“However, I don’t think there is any need for outsiders to carry weapons in Imo State because the situation in Imo State is currently under control and we have seen relative peace in the state in the last few weeks and normal activities are gradually resuming,” Uzodimma told reporters after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja.

He stressed that the situation in Zamfara State is not the same as in Imo State, saying Matawale “will only issue permits to qualified and suitable candidates if it is the approving authority.”

Uzodinma also said the ten-day grace period he gave to criminal gangs to convert had started yielding positive results.

Asked how he reacted to his aide, who recently resigned and accused him of running a non-inclusive and undemocratic government, he said, “If the way things are done to the best of their ability is not consistent with the thought process, then they have permission to try their luck elsewhere.”

Uzodinma told reporters that Buhari had approved the organisation of Army Day in Imo. State.

The governor also condemned the attacks on Catholic priests, calling them deplorable.

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