Zamfara Man Slain for Rejecting Daughter's Marriage to Bandit

Zamfara Man Slain for Rejecting Daughter’s Marriage to Bandit

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In Kwalfada village, Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State, a man fell victim to bandit violence after refusing to permit his daughter’s marriage to a bandit.

According to Mallam Rabo, a villager, a bandit proposed to marry one of the village girls, but her father declined the proposal. Instead, he chose to give his daughter in marriage to another man from the village.

After the marriage took place, the bandits launched an attack on the community, resulting in the father’s death. They further demanded that the husband divorce the daughter, threatening to harm him if he failed to comply.

Fearing for his life, the husband acquiesced, and the daughter was subsequently remarried to the bandit, who took her into the forest. Rabo expressed dismay over the prolonged terrorizing of the community by the bandits, highlighting the lack of adequate security measures taken by authorities. He also mentioned that the bandits imposed a 4 million naira levy on the village a few weeks ago.

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