You Gave Order For Nasarawa Bombings – Sanusi Replies Ortom

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The former emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II on Friday alleged that the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom gave the order for the bombing that led to the death of herders in Kwateri.

Kwateri is a community between Benue and Nasarawa states.

Sanusi stated this while reacting to an allegation levelled against him by Ortom that some personalities led by the former emir are attempting to set him up for attacks over the killing of herders in Nasarawa.

The former emir in an interview with BBC Hausa said Fulbe Global which is a coalition of pastoralists’ leadership is not a murderer group rather it protects Fulani culture, restore good morals known with pastoralists, fight for their rights while dealing with recalcitrant in the group.

Sanusi accused the Benue State Governor of working against pastoralists by establishing anti-grazing laws as well as setting up a state militia that targets pastoralists.

He said, “Governor Ortom is the one who came with legislation that outlaws Fulani from grazing and established Benue Livestock Guards and armed them. They have killed Fulani. They confiscated their cattle. They extorted and oppressed them. This is not a mere allegation.

“I, alongside Lamidon Adamawa and late Ahmed Joda had a meeting with Vice President, the then IG, Idris and Minister of Agriculture Audu Ogbeh where I presented a document to the attendants revealing that Benue state government would train these ranchers (Livestock Guards) how to use firearms which violates Nigerian laws. The federal government is not unaware of this but couldn’t do anything.

“These people were armed and they killed innocents and impounded their cattle. The recent incident in Nasarawa was not the first of its kind. This is almost the fifth time they have shelled bombs on these people in Nasarawa. Neither the Nasarawa state governor nor the traditional rulers raised the alarm that there were terrorists in their domain, let’s bombard them.

“All the air strikes that took place in Nasarawa were masterminded from Makurdi. We must hold him responsible since we know his position against Fulani. It’s only an investigation that will avail him of the allegations. Why won’t there be an investigation to reveal who masterminded the bombardment? And who gives orders to the Air force to always launch these airstrikes?

“We wrote an open letter to the president, making him the commandant in chief. To this moment, there is no statement from the presidency to condole or sympathize with the victims’ families; let alone to talk about compensating them. The presidency is mum about it, on the other hand, if one person was killed in the south; they would speak out.”

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