Would You Have Plunged PDP Into Crisis If Atiku Picked You As Running Mate – Ned Nwoko Fires ‘Greedy’ Wike

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Billionaire businessman and former lawmaker, Ned Nwoko, has slammed Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for plunging the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) into crisis over his selfish ambition.
Recall that Nwoko had earlier called on the main opposition party to expel the Rivers State Governor over his anti-party activities.

Responding, the Rivers government had accused Nwoko of repeatedly attacking Wike because he was stopped from attempting “to fleece the commonwealth of Nigerians to the tune of $418 million over the Paris Club refund to some consultants”.

Reacting in a fresh statement, Nwoko accused Wike of “embarrassing” the PDP because of his greed.

The former lawmaker wondered if the Rivers State Governor would be against the party if Atiku Abubakar had chosen him as his running mate for the 2023 presidential election.

While describing Wike as a sore loser, Nwoko accused him of impoverishing Rivers State through wasteful and “expensive inordinate ambitions to remain in power”.

He said: “It is unacceptable for Wike to continue to embarrass PDP with crude, unruly and bellicose tendencies, attempting to play God,” Nwoko said.

“Wike is a bad-tempered trouble monger. He should stop his recklessness. Enough of his unguarded statements.

“Why is he crying everywhere because he lost an election? Who made him an indispensable leader? Does he know how PDP evolved? His agitations are not genuine but selfish.

“He spoke dishonesty about the London-Paris club refund. He should be grateful. But for the initiative of Prince Ned Nwoko when Wike was struggling to be a local government chairman, the over 60 billion Naira he collected as Rivers state’s share from the Paris Club refund would not have been possible.”

Public Funds
Speaking further, Nwoko accused the Rivers State governor of mismanaging the Paris Club refund meant for Rivers, adding that Wike diverted the entitlements that ought to have been paid to the local governments.

He said while Wike is gallivanting around the world wasting Rivers state’s money, 25 innocent kids died in the state hospital because of lack of electricity in the hospital.

According to Nwoko, “In a civilised society, Wike should have resigned. Indeed, he would be prosecuted for the deaths of these innocent kids. This is unpardonable criminal negligence, yet a power -hungry governor like Wike is busy looking for another political office to continue pillaging public resources while his people suffer.

“Wike is not fighting for the south. He is greedy. If he was chosen as the VP as he desperately wanted, would he have been complaining that the PDP national chairman, Ayu, should go? Certainly not.

“Those who got into offices through fraudulent politics must be cautious in exercising transient authority.”

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