Archbishop Okafoagu Finds New Love After Loss

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The esteemed man of God, Archbishop Prof. Emma David Okafoagu JP2, widely known as “The Lion of Africa,” has chosen to embrace a new chapter in his life by getting remarried after mourning the loss of his late wife for nearly two years. This decision aligns with the biblical injunction, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

The solemn ceremony took place on Saturday, January 6, 2024, at the New Covenant of God Mission in Akabuokwu Uruagu, Nnewi, Anambra State. The event witnessed the presence of distinguished men of God, including Archbishop Adul Paul of the Redeemed Pillars of Fire International Church, Bishop Moses Ezedebego, PFN Chairman for Anambra State, Bishop Godwin Igwilo, PFN Chairman for Nnewi North, Rev. Dr. Godwin Ugwujah, Bishop Abraham Udeh, Apostle Godspower Ebowusi, Rev. Dr. Mrs. Ada Chukwujekwu, Bishop Alphonsus Ubido, Dr. Joe Ugwumba, Apostle Lawrence Emerum, and several other Ministers of the Gospel.

In a brief conversation with the Archbishop, he expressed gratitude to God and conveyed his overwhelming emotions. He shared that he feels loved, strengthened, appreciative, and elated by what God is doing in his life.

When asked about his prayers for the new marriage, Archbishop Okafoagu responded, “Let God make the marriage fruitful. I still need sons and daughters. When challenges arise, let individuals never give up but rather reevaluate and bounce back, so that life can continue.”

Offering words of encouragement for couples, he emphasized that love should extend beyond the altar and be practiced in their homes through the Word of God.

Addressing the youth, the Archbishop advised that while parents fulfill their roles, the government should address the unemployment issue. He highlighted the temptation for young individuals to engage in criminal activities when they witness their peers in government circles enjoying material success while struggling to find decent jobs after university.

The main in-law, Sir Sam Nnamdiri, an Anglican Knight, expressed joy at being in-laws to the Archbishop, describing the union as God’s doing. He prayed for the success of the marriage and noted the supportive role they played for the Archbishop’s sister morally, prayerfully, spiritually, and financially.

Commending the Archbishop’s bold step, former President General of Uruagu Nnewi Development Union, Comrade Charles Nwoye, encouraged him to forget the past and create a new and promising future, emphasizing the adage that “two are better than one.”

The bride, Lady Ogochukwu, expressed gratitude to all attendees and extended prayers for their safe journeys back to their respective destinations.

Guests were treated to a sumptuous feast and delightful music from a live band, concluding the celebration of the Archbishop’s new marital journey. Wishing Archbishop Okafoagu JP2 a joyful and blessed married life ahead.

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