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By Don Peter Okoro.

Philanthropy which is an act of generosity is not an easy task. It is the most selfless and thankless activity anyone can ever embark upon.

The irony of philanthropy is that, it is those you are trying to help that eventually turns around to betray and blackmail you.

In Nigeria today, there are all sorts of Philanthropic and Charitable Organizations jostling for relevance. Some are in it as a form of business enterprise, while many see it as a means of boosting their ego and uplifting their their profile and prestige in the society.

They also do it with the purpose of attracting National and International Donors who sponsor their activities, but at the end of the day, the resources supplied only end up in the hands of the Promoters of such clandestine Organizations.

Not so far Her Excellency,Dr. (Mrs.) Oluchukwu Elijah Ojukwu, otherwise known as Mummy Oluchi, Eke-Ogba Jesus, an Ambassador of Peace of The United Nations,an On Air Personality ( OAP), a Broadcaster and Presenter of a Healing, Deliverance and Prophetic Program on Authority 99.9 FM Radio Station, she is also the General Overseer of God’s Weapon Deliverance Church International Inc. and the Highly Respected President General of Umunwanyi Igbo Amaka Worldwide, the dominant Body Leading and Controlling all the Igbo Women World-wide.

Not only is she a Woman of substance, she is a woman of exceptional Integrity, strong Character and uncommon Generousity.

She has proved to all and sundry that her acts of philanthropy has no hidden agenda and that it is completely wholesome and wholistic.

Let us take a few samples of out of her numerous charitable involvements.

How many Women of God in Nigeria have built Primary, Secondary and Nursery Schools where over 80% of the pupils and students are on full Scholarships including living in Boarding Houses.

This is what Mummy Oluchi has been doing for years without making any noise about it. How many Women of God in Nigeria have built Hospitals and Clinics where patients are virtually treated free.

Where indigent pregnant women are delivered of their babies without Hospital Bills and given free drugs and other necessities of life at no cost whatsoever.

A Medical Facility where chronic sicknesses and diseases like cancer, ulcer, diabetes, kidney and liver failure and all sorts of terminal and life threatening ailments are handled with outstanding results and success.

All treatments at little or no cost. Which Woman in Nigeria uses her own God given money to buy Tricycles, Motorcycles, Sewing Machines, Grinding Machines and give out Startup Capital to both Indigenes and Non Indigenes without refund.

Which woman in Nigeria embarks on a Monthly disbursement of foodstuffs like: Bags of Rice, Beans, Garri,Yam, Noodles, Beverages, and Ingredients without making any demands.

How many women in Nigeria sponsors helpless young people to oversea countries where they get engaged in gainful employment and begin to live useful and comfortable lives and send help to their families back home, thus, becoming a blessing to themselves and the society.

We can go on and on recounting the numerous philanthropic activities of this daughter of Zion without relenting, there is no need for that as most of her achievements are already in the public domain, but for the purpose of emphasis, these are being re-echoed for the sake of proper documentation and posterity.

Dr. (Mrs.) Oluchukwu Elijah Ojukwu has done what even King Napoleon could not have done. It is against this background that many progressive minded and forward looking Nigerians have decided to use the opportunity of her forthcoming International Igbo Women Conference/ Merit Award Ceremony to Crown her as The Most Generous and Philanthropic Woman Of God In Nigeria, having emerged as the President General of Umunwanyi Igbo Amaka Worldwide.

It is also important to note that Mummy Oluchi is equally the Founder/ President of Voice of Widows and Needies that has been championing the cause of the Widows, Widowers, Orphans and the Vulnerable ones in the society.

As we are about to celebrate this Great Woman Of God whose Prophetic Ministry is a story for another day, let us call on other men and women of wealth and substance to emulate Mummy Oluchi in remembering the poor and the needies and rendering a helping hand.

As at today, Mummy Oluchi has over 70 people living free of charge in her estate in Imo State.

And all the money realized from her blooming and flourishing Ministry are ploughed back into philanthropy and charity works Let us make a Big Shout Out to this Woman Of God with a Golden Heart in anticipation of the forthcoming International Igbo Women Conference/ Merit Award, taking place in Nnewi, Anambra State of Nigeria before the end of the year.

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