Why Igbos Can’t Be President of Nigerian – Popular Nigerian Pastor

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As 2023 presidential election draws closer, many people have been asking why the Igbos are not yet president in Nigeria.

Many political analysts have given their views as some opted for an Igbo president come 2023.

However, one of the Igbo sons have spoken on this said issue.

The Nigerian televangelist and General Overseer of Christ as of Old Ministry fondly known as “God of Now Now”, Prophet Ezenwa Ritabbi George who spoke today on “Breaking Manipulations of Destinies” via a live broadcast on his church handle, cited the Book of Isaiah 62:6-7 as he shared his view on why the Igbos are not yet president in Nigeria.

He vehemently said he will keep talking until the Igbos change their view and return to their place of origin according Isa. 62:7.

Prophet Ezenwa Ritabbi: “You need to associate with a man that is spiritually connected to God from his birth and not a man made by men of the society.

You don’t become an elder by age, you earn it through respect. Why are mine saying this? Many people are busy electing leadership carnally and be expecting results. No!

“Why the Igbos are not yet president in Nigeria is because they have left our father’s custom to be doing whatever that pleases them.

The God our forefathers called before is the same God we are calling today. The Igwe is meant to be selected by God but today we have many politically elected kings and you aspect the spirits of our fathers to be happy? Until the Igbos go back to their root, they may not taste the presidency”.

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