Why I call for release of Kanu, Igboho ― Ortom

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Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom on Monday hinted that he may end up becoming a freedom fighter after leaving office in 2023.

Governor Ortom revealed this during a briefing with journalists at the new banquet hall of the government house, Makurdi.

He said that his call for the release of Nnamdi Kanu during his visit to the United Kingdom and the United States of America was because Kanu and Sunday Igboho were freedom fighters and not bandits.

He stated that he may likely become a freedom fighter too if he leaves office and at that time, the government should not disturb him.

He also said that his visit to the two nations was to correct the wrong narratives that the crisis in Benue State was caused by climate change and they were surprised to learn that the attacks were beyond what they had fed them.

Ortom said, “Even during the rainy season, the Fulani herders come to our communities killed, maimed, raped our women even our men. These Fulanis come from Niger, Senegal, Mauritania and other places.

“They only used that as a shield their main reason for attacks was the occupation of our lands.

“I also called for the release of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho who are freedom fighters while they give amnesty to bandits.

I do this (call for the release of freedom fighters) because if later I become a freedom fighter for my people they should not disturb me.

Speaking on insecurity in the country, the governor described the trending video on social media where bandits threatened to kidnap the president, Muhammad Buhari as the worst security problem in the country.

He said that Nigeria may soon become like Afghanistan with the rate at which security problem pervades the country.

“Things are getting worse in Nigeria, you know I said this before I travelled out that very soon with the manner bandits are operating without proactive steps from the federal government, they will soon enter Aso Rock.

“You have seen happenings in the country, the Kuje prison break and the threat to kidnap the president, God forbids but this is what I saw a long time ago.

“Those people in Afghanistan who are bandits and Fulanis are the ones. (wreaking havoc) They are being sponsored.

I feel the pain that this is happening in my generation. There is no government in Nigeria today. Those who are surrounding the president are criminals.

“Mr President, if you are listening to me, I want to say that you are not doing well, you have violated the oath of office you took, Nigerians are in pain, they are suffering, and the socio-economic lives of the people have gone down the abyss.

“You have left us digging out graves, we need a true change, not the change from top to bottom you promised us in 2015.

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