Why I Am Not Campaigning For Tinubu – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Bu­hari has assured the All Pro­gressives Congress (APC) and its candidates in the elections next year that he is ready at all times to cam­paign for the presidential can­didate, Asiwaju Bola Tinibu, and all party candidates with “full energy and conviction.”

This is to dispel expressed concerns in certain quarters that the president has not fea­tured in campaigns since the national launch in Jos, Plateau State, and to stress that while he remains committed to party politics, the functions and duties of the president will equally be upheld at all times.

Speaking to the Nigerian community in Washington DC in the course of his recent visit to the United States, President Buhari stressed what he said all the time that he is ready to cam­paign for the party’s victory in the general elections next year.

The president noted that the APC campaigns have so far been the most aggressive in recent history.

“They have been impressive and of a high voltage,” compared to the opposition that seems to be playing catch-up.

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