What Political Parties In The North Are Secretly Doing To Peter Obi and Labour Party – Hon. Musawa

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Hon. Ibrahim Abu Musawa is the Chairman of Labour Party in Katsina State. He spoke exclusively with MYKE UZENDU on the degree of insecurity in Katsina state under the APC government and the political upset that will be witnessed in 2023 general election.

Gov. Dave Umahi recently said he will not lose sleep over Labour Party in Ebonyi state because the party does not exist anywhere. How do you respond to that?

Labour party is the wind that is blowing now, it will be greater than the wind that blew in 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari got into power. It is a stronger, bigger and greater reflection of that wind.

I believe that this time around, 2023 general election is going to be for Labour party because Labour party decided to produce the most competent person among all the presidential candidates who happens to be a young and very sincere person. Somebody that is not an ethnic bigot.

You are the Chairman of Labour party in Katsina state which incidentally is the home of President Muhammadu Buhari. How are you going to uproot APC in that state.

Well it is quite clear to Nigerians. Being a president from our state did not stop people from being killed. So many Katsina citizens or natives of the state enter and sleep in their farms when it is 7pm and in the next morning they will come out to their families.

So we don’t pray that such government should continue. We want a change that is a real change, that is change in nature, not change from one party to another, not change in words only.

Change that will connive and betray people just to make yourself and your family happy. We don’t pray that such a change should come around again.

Musawa also said that is why we are fully in support of Obi. It is not just us but even the APC and the whole political parties underground they are working for labour party not only in Katsina but in the entire part of the North.

There is this insinuation that labour party does not have structures and even governorship candidates in some states. What is the situation in Katsina.

You see, when you talk of structure, structure is in the mind. There is nothing like structure.

Structure is just a name. Somebody may be in one political party and still belongs to another political party or secretly working for another political party.

We believe that with the NLC, TUC and ASUU under the same umbrella with Labour Party, we believe that we have all the structures that we need, there is nothing somebody is going to talk about structure.

Labour party is the only political party that has a very strong structure across the country.

One of the things counting against Peter Obi is that he does not want to share money to woo delegates.

In this election, what are going to bring to the table to attract people to your party and your candidate.

ANS: We shall not bring to the table any material thing. A word they say is enough for the wise.

From what has happened to people, they have realized that the material things they receive during elections doesn’t serve their needs.

So anybody that thinks that he will use material things to woo voters, let him come and use it and see how it will turn out.

All we know is that change has come and Peter Obi will surely be delivered.

In terms of voter sensitization, how are you mobilizing the people to get their PVC and vote for your party.

Actually many that even have the PVC are afraid of politicians and not willing to vote due to the fact that the person they believed in that could do something better happened to disappoint them.

It is only few that have not done their PVC and we are working on them, preaching, calling on people to go and register and appealing to them that God willing, there will be better change. So we believe that Obi is a better person.

There is no doubt that your presidential candidate is getting a lot of attention among the young people in the social media.

Majority of the voters are in the rural areas where there is no access to the social media. What are you doing to sell your candidate to them.

If Gods Spirit is coming across, it touches everyone’s mind. Even if someone is in the sea or on top of the mountain, that message must reach him.

We have all the machineries and tentacles to reach everywhere and spread the message no matter wherever one may be.

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