We Were Asked To Pay N500 Per Person For Campaign Before Entering The Market – Lagos Market Women Cries Out (Video)

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In the video trending on the internet, some market women were prevented from entering the market in Lagos for refusing to pay ₦500.

A man was seen at the entrance of the market, and a lady who wanted to enter the gate to the market was refused from entering by the thug who claimed that she had to pay a ₦500 Levi before entering.

She asked what the Levi was for, and he claimed that it was an instruction from the Lagos state government.

They were instructed by Tinubu’s son, during a recent meeting, and every market in Lagos is expected to generate a certain amount of money, even though he didn’t reveal what the money was for.

She was then heard lamenting on how she is being forced to pay a N500 Levi for APC campaign, which was against her wish.

In her words:

“We were asked to pay 500 naira before we enter the market. Is the money for campaign? They didn’t tell us we would have to pay money for campaign”

What are your thoughts about this?

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