‘Wasted Opportunity’: Happie Boys Deported Back to Nigeria From Cyprus, Netizens React

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Controversial social media figures, Mathew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, popularly known as the Happie Boys, have stirred reactions from netizens as they reportedly got deported back to Nigeria from Cyprus.

The duo reportedly arrived in the country on the night of October 30, 2023, after their residence permit in Cyprus was revoked. Their return follows a turbulent period in which they were apprehended by Cypriot authorities and detained at a black site facility for over four weeks until a resolution was reached, leading to their deportation to Nigeria.

Media personality Bolanle Cole reported that Kelechi and Amakor touched down in Nigeria at the Nnamdi Azikwe airport in Abuja. Presently, they are staying at a hotel in Utako.

In response to their return, social media influencer Daniel Regha said Nigerians should not extend any assistance to the Happie Boys. He argued that individuals should be held accountable for their actions and that rewarding bad behavior is becoming a concerning trend. Regha asserted that the Happie Boys had the opportunity to improve their lives, while abroad but failed to do so and their deportation is, in his view, a form of karma.

“Nigerians shouldn’t assist Happie Boys; They should pay for their mistakes & sort themselves out. We as a people need to stop rewarding bad behaviour, it’s becoming a norm. These people had the opportunity to better their lives abroad but chose to be ungrateful. Their deportation is simply karma”.

Meanwhile, Joe Bravo questioned the willingness of people to offer help to the Happie Boys, suggesting that even if they were given another chance, they might not value or utilize it properly, owing to a perceived lack of understanding of its significance.

“Are people still out there who want to help them? Even if they’re given another chance they won’t appreciate it because they don’t understand its worth”,

See more reactions about Happie Boys stirred online

“Rich man pikin go think say dem come back for Christmas.”

“Liked by chicken republic and 10,000 others.”

“Na this kind movie dem Dey title “This is just the beginning”

“As dem don come so, make this black one try stay away from this fair one.”

“Went to cyprus to drink, party, diss their helper, locked up and deported home. Wasted opportunity. Wonderful!”

“Welcome home boys, it’s time to follow us and see shege…”

“When a Cup gives you water, you don’t throw the cup away just because you are full at the moment.”

“Papa OMP curs€ really work.”

“Welcome back to the Land of renewed shege.”

“What a wasted opportunity.”

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