“Voices from the streets of Onitsha”

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By Izuchukwu Adichie

Before now, Onitsha commercial center was once plagued by issues of government negligence, flood, and touting menace, which hindered its growth. However, the city has undergone a miraculous transformation within a short time of two years under Soludo’s administration. Anyone who has been to the city in the past and returned recently can attest to this fact. His stellar performance has earned him the praise and loyalty of the residents, visitors, students, traders, and motorists in Onitsha. The infrastructure of the city has been overhauled, and every part of the city is undergoing a total transformation.

Soludo is the man, and you better not say anything negative about him or his government in and around Onitsha metropolitan because the people will not tolerate it. The transformation of Akpaka, Niger Street, PortHarcourt Road, and others including Ochanja Roundabout, which was previously a hub for traffic congestion, chaos, and a refused dump, into a modern and organized junction with improved traffic flow, landscaping, and a water fountain is one of the many examples of the governor’s determination to improving the city. His efforts have been so impactful that even the keke and shuttle operators, who used to be troubled by Agbero/touting, now enjoy a pleasurable commute, and tax reduction and taxation of petty traders are abolished.

Soludo has filled the vacuum of two decades by clearing canals and drainages, demolishing illegal structures, building a general hospital and ongoing water reticulation, and rebuilding roads, including the first-ever double lane in Upper Iweka. Soludo’s good works are not mere propaganda, as anyone can see the transformation on the ground.

He has successfully recreated Onitsha and restored its glory. His achievements have earned him the respect of the people, and they look forward to seeing him in the government house until 2030.

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