Violent Mob Attacks Hospital Staff in Kogi Over Patient's Death

Violent Mob Attacks Hospital Staff in Kogi Over Patient’s Death

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A medical doctor, identified as Dr. Currency, employed at the Federal Teaching Hospital in Lokoja, revealed a harrowing incident where a group of men forcefully invaded the hospital premises and assaulted staff members on duty following the death of a patient.

Dr. Currency shared the disturbing account on the Twitter handle @k_f2d, stating that the assailants targeted the doctors after losing a patient, with one of them allegedly being a political leader. The doctor reported that the incident unfolded in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department, where the mob demanded to confront the doctors.

“My team was called to the A&E to review a new patient. A group of men in Kaftan broke through the gate and started demanding for the doctors on duty,” Dr. Currency wrote.

Expressing confusion as he did not know the patient in question, the doctor recounted the escalating aggression, with the mob leader hurling phones at him. Amid the chaos, the doctors managed to escape to another ward.

The situation deteriorated further as the assailants reportedly vandalized hospital property and assaulted workers. According to the doctor’s account, the Chief Security Officer attempted to intervene with a gun, but the mob wrestled it away during a struggle, resulting in several shots being fired. As a safety measure, the hospital gate was locked.

Dr. Currency, fearing for their safety, disclosed, “We are currently hiding in different locations in the hospital. They have disarmed the security men in the hospital. I don’t feel safe. I was able to record this amid the chaos. This is happening at Federal Teaching Hospital, Lokoja. We are currently still in hiding.”

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