Video: Knocks As Wike Sings, Dances To Tinubu’s Campaign Song

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Some Nigerians have slammed the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, after a video emerged showing him singing and dancing to the campaign song of President Bola Tinubu.

Bellnews reports that the former Governor of Rivers State was filmed singing in the office of Tinubu’s chief of staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, while showing support for the president.

Wike could be heard chanting, “Jagaban on your mandate we shall stand.”

Irked with Wike’s action, some Nigerians knocked him.


@highklass wrote: “This man is mocking Nigerians. God will mock you and you’ll cry more in your days of tribulation”

@iyalode wrote: “Dear Nigerians, feel free to go naked and swear for every politician who brought hardship upon this country, none of them would be spared! May they meet d0wnfall in their vulnerable moments! may their Psalms become a curs£! Except they have no blood in their veins!”

@okcontractors wrote: “Just look at the kind of people Nigerian youths allowed to take over their future……..just look at”

@maleeq wrote: “This was the same fool fighting APC government when he was a PDP governor, Now he’s for jagaban mandate. They don’t really care about the masses”

@pretty_source wrote: “If happiness was a person omo this people don’t have idea what we passing through In this country”

@NegroTsar wrote: “The thing about this guy is that he’s not even ashamed that he’s a traitor to his own. A man with zero integrity and little dignity, what’s left of him?”

@primadon wrote: “Man must survive. From I am too big to be vice president to boy boy”

@vesment wrote: “Until the young people rise up as a country, they will keep laughing as we are crying. Our time is now.

@alexnifemi01 wrote: “The only solution to Nigeria’s problem everyone knows but we don’t dare do it cos we are all scared.. all this people are just using us to catch cruise… them no send anyone papa… no shame in Nigeria political terrain”

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