Unlike Me Peter Obi Have Money But Can’t Spend It To Fight Atiku. – Dele Momodu

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During an interview with Bellnews, Dele Momodu revealed that he and Peter Obi Live five minutes apart in Lagos State, and that he is his very good friend.

He also claimed that even the Easterners may not support him.

Dele Momodu claimed that he knows and admires Peter Obi very well, but he is sure that his own people will not vote for him.

He also added that the voting pattern does not align with his nature of man because Peter Obi has self preservation.

When he was asked to explain why he said that the Igbos will not vote for Peter Obi, Dele Momodu said that it is not about the Igbos alone, but about everybody, adding that he is one of the biggest champions of Igbo Nation.

Dele Momodu claimed that he and Peter Obi were the best candidates in the People’s Democratic Party before Peter Obi absconded because of dollar rain in the party, before the presidential primaries.

When he was asked if Peter Obi can be able to pull votes in his new party that is almost unknown, Dele Momodu said that as a former member of the Labour Party, he knows the problem Peter Obi will face in the party.

According to him, the first problem Peter Obi will face in his new party is that he will have to fund the party because the Labour Party does not have money, and that Nigerians don’t make contributions.

He also said that the party does not have structures. He also revealed that he lost 10 million naira when he was in the party.

Dele Momodu also said that Peter Obi has money, unlike himself who is just a reporter.

According to him, Peter Obi cannot spend his hard earned money to fight Atiku, or to fight Tinubu, if he wins the presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress.

Do you agree with Dele Momodu that the Labour Party is broke? Is he right by saying that Nigerians don’t make contributions? Can Peter Obi fight and defeat Atiku and any APC’s presidential candidate?

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