Ukrainian Women Are Selling Their Nudes To Help The Their Troop Against Russia.

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Ukrainian Women Raise £570,000 For Their Nation’s Troops By Selling Nudes
Since March, the initiative, dubbed “TerOnlyFans,” has garnered more than $700,000 in funding.

Its creator, Nastassia Nasko, told Business Insider that she is happy to have discovered a novel approach to assist Ukraine. Nastassia Nasko claims she had the concept by chance.

She had posted on Twitter a few days after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, asking if anybody with a car could assist her move an acquaintance out of Kharkiv, one of the first Ukrainian cities to be surrounded by Russian soldiers.

When no one answered, the 23-year-old half-jokingly tweeted that she would give a naked photo of herself to anyone who could assist.

Her acquaintance was safely transferred out of the city, and Nasko, as promised, gave the man a kiss for his assistance.

She got more than ten messages in her inbox within five minutes. Her acquaintance was safely transported out of Kharkiv after she texted a naked photo of herself to a man who promised to help.

The encounter inspired Nasko and her friend, Anastasiya Kuchmenko, to create “TerOnlyFans” a few days later, on International Women’s Day. (“Ter” is an abbreviation for territorial defence.)

The initiative is modelled after OnlyFans, a subscription-based social platform that has proven to be a successful method for adult content artists to earn money.

However, on TerOnlyFans, the money is donated to the Ukrainian army rather than the creators. According to Nasko, the organization has raised more than $700,000 in three months.

Unlike Onlyfans, the project’s volunteers do not accept photo requests, as Nasko explained: “We are not sex workers, we are trying to earn money for the war.”

Nasko, who is originally from Belarus but resided in Kyiv prior to the conflict, told Business Insider that she is pleased with her unconventional method of collecting funds for Ukraine.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Nasko opted to leave Kyiv and go to Warsaw, Poland, where she operates TerOnlyFans in addition to her full-time job as a marketing manager at an esports firm.

She continues to promote the initiative on Telegram, liaises with volunteers, and double-checks the validity of donations with Kuchmenko, who has chosen to stay in Kyiv.

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