Three Ways to Avoid Marrying the Wrong Person

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Marrying the wrong person has become one of the most common issues in our society today.

People get into relationship for selfish and unnecessary reasons these days and they also get married for the same reasons.

Rate of divorce in our communities today is all thanks to marrying the wrong person.

We are so obssessed with not being single we fail to realize that it’s better to be single than being in a bad relationship or marriage.

Don’t jump into marrying someone just because of your feelings or because you are so in love with the person you cannot tell A from B.

Marriage is a serious thing and should not be taken lightly.

Below are three things you should do to avoid marrying the wrong person.

1. Always ask the person about their life plans.

One thing with people getting married these days is that they fail to ask necessary questions.

Questions like; what do you plan to do when we get married? Or What are plans for the future? Will help you to pick the right person to avoid severe stress in the future.

Watch out for how they answer these questions because that will you tell you the kind of person they are.

It’s these little signs that people fail to look out for that unfortunately lead to a bad marriage.

Also watch out to see if the person includes you in their plans, if they don’t then run away.

2. Don’t marry potential.

This could be loosely related to the point above. Do not marry potential because most times, that change you’re hoping for usually turns out for the worse.

There’s a difference between marrying someone you see something in and marrying someone you think you see something in, know the difference.

You could marry someone thinking that chaning them could be easy but if s/he doesn’t fail to change before the marriage, they will not change after the marriage.

3. Look out for emotional intelligence

If you cannot connect with someone emotionally, let alone, someone you plan to marry, then you have no business having that person in your life.

Emotional connectivity is what detemines the bond of any relationship on this planet. Is the person able to tell when you’re distressed? Does the person know when something is bothering you? Is the person someone who likes to talk things out and ask what’s wrong?

Is the person someone who knows when you need space but never going too far away? Is the person someone who would like to resolve an issue instead of going out to cheat on you? Is the person kind? Does the person respect you?

If you can find positive answers to these questions concerning your partner then you’re lucky. If you the answers are negative then break things off with the person.

Even if the person has all the money in the world, s/he could still be the wrong person for you. Do the follwoing things mentioned above and you can end up marrying a good person.

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