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By Don Peter Okoro

The Presiding Archbishop of Masterseed College of Bishops and Ministers Network and Leader of Masterseed Solidarity Movement (the political arm of Masterseed), Prof. Emmadavid Okafoagu has said that the Obidient Movement of Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate,Mr Peter Gregory Obi, is the only Movement that has succeeded in breaking the cabals back.

In his words:” This is the only Movement that succeeded in penetrating every nook and cranny of Nigeria, notwithstanding ethnic or religious inclinations. This is the only Movement that succeeded in conquering their devilish money. So, our verdict still stand that Labour Party through Mr. Peter Gregory Obi won the election and Nigerians can see it very clearly. This is the only breakthrough since Independence. The election is 100% successful and this is the worst thing that can happen to the devils called Cabals in Nigeria. My prayer is that the Labour Party ably led by Mr. Peter Obi should not relent. They should troop enmass and remove all the demonic people that have been planted as Governors. Governors who don’t care if their people are being killed. Governors who are less concerned whether their people are feeding or not. The Cabals come to their States and do whatever they want and go. Let the Movement encourage themselves just like David encouraged himself in 1st Samuel 30vs1-8. The Bible said that David went to war and came back to find out that his place has been scattered and shattered by the enemy and all his people have been carried away. Even the Soldiers he took to the war wanted to stone him, but David encouraged himself in the Lord. Let Mr. Peter Gregory Obi encourage himself and let every Obidient encourage himself. Asked if Mr. Peter Obi should go to court, he replied:” Going to Court is a Legal Procedure. Who will you go and meet in the Court? But he can still go to Court. When the Court gave judgment that Nnamdi Kanu should be released, has he been released? That will tell you the type of Court we have in Nigeria. They plan everything beforehand.”. Admonishing those who are mourning, the Archbishop who is equally the Obi of Umuezechukwu, Obiagu, Uruagu, Nnewi,offered.”If anyone is mourning, it must have been a very big mistake.because Labour Party did not lose the election. It’s the Cabals and their demonic agents that have held this country in captivity for decades that lost. In Nigeria, we are facing two gods and two kinds of Prophets. The Prophets of God and the Prophets of Satan. In the election, we prophesied that if the election is conducted under a free atmosphere and counted, that Mr. Peter Gregory Obi will win in the first balloting. And anyone who followed the election closely can testify that what we prophesied is right. While the Prophet of Satan who are prophesying for the Cabals and their demonic agents came up to say that Mr Peter Obi will be humiliated at the polls. The devils called Cabals in Nigeria have been going unchallenged in Nigeria and they are bent on ruling Nigeria forever. Asari Dokubo tried and set up his own, Uwazuirike set up his own, Nnamdi Kanu set up his own, Igboho set up his own without success,the Northerners through Boko Haram and other agents of killing set up their own all in the bid to break their kernel, but non of them succeeded. The more they press on the Cabals, the more the Cabals are developing their devilish ideas of arresting, detaining and killing them. This Obidient Movement is the only Movement that succeeded in breaking the Carmel’s back. Thank you.”

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