They Took The Glory That Is Meant For God And Gave It To A Human – Rev. Mbaka Speaks On 2023 Presidential Result Outcome.

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Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, a Nigerian Catholic priest popularly known as Father Mbaka, has expressed his thoughts about the Nigerian presidential elections.

According to him, the glory that was meant for God was given to the Labour Party by Nigerians during the elections. He went on to explain that people even referred to the father, mother, and child in the Labour Party logo as “God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, which he believes is a form of blasphemy.

Father Mbaka expressed his disappointment that Nigerians chose to give glory to a human instead of God, which he believes has brought the anger of God upon the country.

“They took the glory meant for God and gave to a human, so the anger of God befell us,” Mbaka told his members.

He further knelt at the altar to ask for God’s forgiveness and urged his members to interpret his message as they deem fit.

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