There Is No Place For Criminals In Anambra State We Have Arrested Them and Their Native Doctors – Gov. Soludo Says As He Reveals Those Behind Terrible Crimes In The State

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The governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Soludo while being interviewed on the Channels Television’s Politics Today on how he is dealing with the problem of insecurity in Anambra State and if he knows the identity of the unknown gunmen said the people called the unknown gunmen are 100% Igbo from Anambra State and its environs. Soludo said,

“Let me be clear about it. 100% of those criminals caught are Igbos. There is nothing like somebody invading from somewhere. It is all ours. It is 100% Igbos on Igbos. That’s the first point. The second is that there is quite a chunk of them. As I said, Anambra receives a disproportionate share of the influx of people into the States from other parts of Southeast and Nigeria. And so, at the initial state when we started, the first set of people we burgled 100% Igbos from other Southeast states, and not from Anambra.

“But as we went on, we then discovered that the youths have taken to the bushes, got indoctrinated and initiated into all kinds of things, happen to be the citizens of Anambra State or indigenes of Anambra State, and we’re dealing with all of that for us. There’s no distinction whether they are from Anambra, not from other places. Anybody in the bush with a gun will be treated as a criminal. No matter the objective.

“How can you be in the bush for one month or six months, how do you feed? it must be for criminality and that’s what they have been doing. So we have been able to dismiss and arrested them together with their native doctors who prepare charms for them and so forth. I mean, there is no place for them here in Anambra state and that message is very, very firm and we determined about it.”

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