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Have you ever ask yourself, if you can see snake in all the places all over the world? Today, we shall be looking of the only Continent without snake, or any form of Reptile.

We have 7 continent, and the names of seven continent of the world are Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, North America, and lastly Antarctica. But only continent without mosquitoes, snake or any form of Reptile is Antarctica.

Antarctica is the Earth southernmost continent. It comprises the geographic South Pole. And this settles in the Antarctic region, of the Southern hemisphere. And almost all the entire of the South of the Antarctic circle, is being surrounded by Southern Ocean.

Antarctica is the Fifth largest Continent in the World. The name Antarctica is gotten from the Greek word Artic, meaning opposite of Artic, that is opposite of North, which is South.

The reason you cannot see or find mosquitoes snakes and any form of reptile in Antarctica.

Snakes are cold blooded animals, so they cannot stay in a place that is extremely cold. And the Antarctica we are talking about here, is an extremely cold place.

For mosquitoes, we know that mosquitoes are blood sucking insects, and they can be seen in all over the world.

But there are two places in the world that are completely free from mosquitoes, one is Iceland, and the other is Antarctica.

Mosquitoes, as an insect they breed in stagnant water. Another reason you cannot find mosquitoes in Iceland or Antarctica, is because of their sharp change in climate, that means that there climate is not steady.

We know that mosquitoes lifecycle develops from the egg, to larva from larva to pupa, and from pupa to adult. And we said before that mosquitoes breed in water, so if a mosquito just gave birth, and it has developed and reach its pupa stage, and their was a sudden change in temperature, that egg or pupa would be immature, thereby leading to the death of that Mosquitoes, that is among the reason you cannot see mosquitoes in Antarctica or Iceland, another reason is also because of that Antarctica is a very cold place.

But, you can see animals such as mites, penguins, seals, and others species like nematodes, algae, bacteria, fungi, plants, and many more.

Thanks, and that is all for this article. There are also, some Countries, where you cannot see snakes, Countries like Greenland, Ireland etc.

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