The Most Expensive Liquid In The World Costs $39 Million Per Gallon, See Where You Can Get It From

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There are some really costly liquids on this planet. A gallon of Lysergic corrosive diethylamide (LSD) will cost you $123,000. One gallon of Chanel No 5 aroma will sell for $26,000.

A gallon of horseshoe crab blood is sold at $60,000 per gallon. Insulin, the heart of diabetics, is esteemed at around $9,400 for a gallon. At the point when estimated by cost per gallon, nevertheless, nothing can measure up to scorpion’s venom.

Scorpion venom merits an astounding $39 million per gallon. Second, on this planet is the venom of Cobra at $153,000 per gallon and that should give you a feeling of what makes scorpion venom so damn costly.

We don’t usually see scorpions in the course of our domestic life. That’s why scorpion venom merited a whopping cost of $39 million for each gallon.

First of all, scorpion venom is utilized to spare lives that’s why the venom of these small desert-staying animals is so damn costly.

You may wonder why this is so, but come to think deeply about this; indeed, you’d need to drain one scorpion venom for 2.64 million times so as to pull out a gallon of venom worth the $39 million. However, that money would absolutely worth all the stress.

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