Sudan: Egypt Sets Strict Conditions for Stranded Nigerians at Border

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Egypt has imposed stringent conditions for allowing stranded Nigerian students to cross its border. A total of 637 students evacuated from Sudan, are stuck at the Egyptian border with the war-torn nation.

Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Onyeama stated that Egyptian authorities have not opened the border for the students, despite their arrival three days ago. Egypt insists on clearing all 637 Nigerians before permitting entry.

Onyeama explained that if Egypt continues to delay, the Federal Government might move the students to Port Sudan for evacuation.

Nigerian Ambassador to Egypt, Nura Rimi, shared the conditions and guidelines for evacuating Nigerians through Egypt. These include details and schedules of the aircraft, the capacity of the aircraft, a solid pledge to convey citizens directly to the designated airport, comprehensive lists of evacuees with passport numbers, valid travel documents, the presence of Nigerian government officials at the points of embarkation, and standby buses to transport them to the airport immediately.

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