Story of How a Daughter Breastfed Her Father Who Was Condemned to Death By Starvation

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Before proceeding to this story of how a daughter Fed her dad with breast milk to survive him in prison,it is knowledgeable to note that this story is a true life story and has nothing to do with a sxual content.

The Roman Charity Story

This is an emotional story of a young lady who breastfed her father, who was condemned to death by starvation.

Roman Charity is the exemplary story of a woman, Pero, who secretly breastfeeds her father, Cimon, after he is incarcerated and sentenced to death by starvation.

Cimon was a poor elderly man who was condemned to death by starvation for stealing a portion of bread back in the seventeen centuries.

Pero the daughter Cimon went ahead to plead with the authorities of the court to allow her pay a visit to her father in jail until his death.

The court granted Pero’s request, with a condition that she won’t bring anything along with her into the jail.

On a very good occasion Pero went to see her father, after seeing the terrible state of her father, she was moved to breastfeed him. She continued this process at whatever point they permitted her into the jail.

Things became suspicious as authorities got befuddled why Cimon was still alive and kicking after weeks has gone by.

They never realized that the man’s daughter Pero was supporting her father’s life.

On a faithful day after careful analysis to ascertain why Cimon was still alive, the gatekeepers decided to keep watch anytime Pero visited her father.

Pero was in the long run caught and captured feeding her father. Her action moved everybody, including the gatekeepers.

To cut the story short the appointed authority was astonished by her actions and the length she could go for her father. Cimon was later released with her daughter.

Lesson to learn from the story

The story is truly an emotional one ,to us at Aprokomedia,the lesson learnt from the story are.

1. One should learn how to survive at any difficult time, surviving should be a skill .

2. To make it in life you must take certain risk . If Pero the daughter of Cimon didn’t take the risk of being caught she wouldn’t have saved her father.

This story is archived in the Roman notable books. Also, it has been deified by a sculpture on the extension of the Belfry of Ghent in Antwerp, Belgium.

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