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By Izuchukwu Adichie

The nomination of Soludo by the Champion Newspapers for the prestigious award of the 2023 Best Governor on Infrastructure and Rural Development is an unequivocal affirmation of his exceptional governance skills and unparalleled dedication to delivering infrastructural projects within a timeline and without borrowing a kobo. Soludo’s outstanding performance within a brief period of less than two years in office underscores his quality leadership, financial prudence, passion, intention, and commitment to excellence.

The significance of this coveted award, which will also be conferred upon other prominent and outstanding Nigerians in various fields of endeavor, is not lost on both the supporters and loyalists of Soludo, but most especially on the naysayers, detractors, and a few tiny people who are opposed to progress in Anambra State.

Some have been preoccupied with ‘brick and mortar’ innuendos and have embarked on an unsolicited campaign of negative criticism against every good work of Soludo from the moment he assumed office.

The Annual Champion Newspapers Awards were instituted to recognize distinguished Nigerians for their contributions to individuals, the private sector, the state or local community, or the public through excellence in leadership, service, or philanthropy. Soludo has demonstrated an act of excellent service beyond the scope of his mandate in positively impacting our rural areas and serving the state and the country.

Without a doubt, Soludo met and exceeded all the criteria stipulated for recognition, nomination, and conferment of this prestigious award by the Champion Newspapers.

This point is essential, especially in light of allegations by the few naysayers that the award was procured after some monetary commitment was extended to facilitate the nomination. Such allegations are irrational, nonsensical, and baseless given the fact that the ‘Distinguished Award for Infrastructure and Rural Development’ could be said to have been designed perfectly and tailor-made for a compassionate leader like Soludo at an opportune time like this Nigerians needed a model.

It is not surprising that the Anambra State Governor has been meritoriously recognized for this coveted title, as his accomplishments in the area of infrastructure and rural development have been outstanding. In less than two years in office, Soludo has demonstrated pragmatic leadership, broken countless age-long jinxes, and set new records to bring sustainable development and progress to the state.

Congratulations, Mr. Project!

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