Soludo Initiates Construction of New Flyover Project in Awka

Soludo Initiates Construction of New Flyover Project in Awka

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Awka, the vibrant capital city of Anambra State, has long relied on a single pedestrian bridge for safe passage across the bustling Enugu—Onitsha Expressway, shielding pedestrians from the dangers of road traffic mishaps.

Standing steadfast at the UNIZIK Junction axis, this solitary bridge has dutifully served the city for decades, despite fervent appeals for additional crossings at pivotal locations like the Regina Caeli Junction, where fatal accidents have sadly become all too common.

However, recent reports have stirred anticipation within the community as Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s administration embarks on a new development endeavor. News has surfaced of the commencement of construction on an ultramodern overpass at the bustling Aroma Junction in Awka.

This innovative project, situated at the bustling Aroma Junction’s Step crossing point, is designed to accommodate both pedestrians and motor vehicles, promising to streamline movement and enhance safety between different parts of Awka.

While greeted with applause by many as a long-awaited advancement, the project has also ignited debate, with some questioning its timing and priority. Critics argue that the immediate necessity lies in establishing a pedestrian bridge at the Regina Caeli Junction, a crucial safety measure long overdue.

In response to inquiries, Izunna Okafor, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), emphasized the overpass’s significance as vital infrastructure for connecting Awka’s disparate areas and alleviating traffic congestion.

Acknowledging the pressing need for a pedestrian walkway at Regina Caeli Junction, Okafor underscored the public’s longstanding interest in the Aroma Junction overpass project. He reaffirmed Governor Soludo’s commitment to comprehensive development, ensuring no corner of Awka or Anambra State is neglected.

The completion of this overpass, equipped with pedestrian walkways and motorways, promises to revolutionize travel within Awka, diverting traffic away from the heavily traveled Enugu-Onitsha Expressway. Okafor also hinted at ongoing discussions with federal authorities regarding a pedestrian bridge design for Regina Caeli Junction, demonstrating the government’s proactive stance on safety and infrastructure.

As construction progresses, Awka’s residents witness a surge in infrastructural developments under Governor Soludo’s administration, marking a significant step towards the city’s growth and economic stability.

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