Signs that indicate your heart is not beating properly

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Do you know there are certain signs that point to the fact that your heart is not beating as it should?

When a person’s heart is not beating well, such a person is said to be suffering from heart arrhythmia; a condition that makes the heart beat irregularly.

So in this article according to MayoClinic, we are going to have a look at some of the signs that could mean the heart is not beating as it should.

When the heart is not beating as it should as stated, such a person is suffering from arrhythmia. But the only problem is that people often fail to identify the single indications that they could be dealing with arrhythmia.

What Are The Signs Of Irregular Heartbeats?

1. Unusual chest pain that is not due to any known ailment should be examined by a professional.

The reason is that most heart-related problems start with heart pain before they start causing major issues.

2. Shortness of breath – unexplained shortness of breath is another indication that you may be having heart-related issues, especially arrhythmia.

If you start having or experiencing shortness of breath, then it may be wise for you to visit a doctor for a proper examination.


3. Unexplained lightheadedness or dizziness that is not due to any known issue.

Lightheadedness or dizziness are twin symptoms of heartbeat problems and as such, the earlier you get checked, the better for you.

4. Sweating, usually cold sweats may also be signs of heart-related issues. When one is experiencing heartbeat problems or irregularities, he or she may start having cold sweats.

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