“Shettima sponsors Terrorism” – Tinubu’s former aide opens up, mentions ‘Kabiru Sokoto’

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A former member/director of the APC PCC, Naajatu Mohammed has accused the 2023 Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Party, Kashim Shettima of being a ‘Terror Sponsor’.

Mohammed, in a recent interview on Arise Television, condemned her party for fielding Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima as flag bearers for the party.

She tackled Shettima over his alleged ties to terrorism in Northern Nigeria. She revealed that a notorious terrorist, Kabiru Sokoto, was back then found and arrested in the home of the former senator.

In her words: “Especially as it concerns security, you must have an enabling environment before you do anything, so you cannot take someone that is virtually senile and another person that has been associated on several occasions with funding terrorism. That is Kashim Shettima.”

“We should not forget Kabiru Sokoto, one of the most wanted terrorists, was found and arrested in his (Shettima) house.”

“These are people that have severally being accused of habouring terrorists and why should Shettima be visiting and making solidarity with a policeman that is being tried for drug trafficking. Why?” She questioned.

“So when you begin to put these things together, you begin to understand why Nigerians must retrieve their country. We can’t allow this to happen,” Naja’atu added.

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