‘She Was Pantless, I Could Not Resist Her’ – Gov’t Official Suspended For Adultery Reveals

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Michael Emeka Nwangwu, the Special Adviser on Transport to the Chairman of Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State, Walter Ozioko, has been suspended.

Nwangwu’s suspension was confirmed in a press statement released by the media aide to the Chairman, Ejike Okpe.

He was suspended for a dastardly, debasing and abominable act.

The statement reads, “In total abhorrence, rejection and condemnation of the dastardly, debasing and abominable act perpetrated by his Special Adviser on Transport, Mr. Michael Emeka Nwangwu, who also, goes by the name, ‘Emmanuel, the People’s Mayor, Hon. Dr. Barr. Walter Ozioko, the Executive Chairman of Nsukka LGA, has, today, Tuesday, 7th November, 2023, terminated the appointment of the said Michael ‘Emmanuel’ Emeka Nwangwu.”

A sack letter signed by the Secretary to the Local Government, Hon Michael Ugwu reads, “I am directed, after all necessary consideration by the Executive Chairman of Nsukka Local Government Area, to terminate your appointment for conduct unbecoming of an honourable member of the Council and your appointment is hereby terminated.”

In the letter, he was directed to hand over every property belonging to Nsukka LGA under his custody to the Secretary of the Council.

A viral video showed the suspended government official making love with a married woman at a place believed to be his office within the local government secretariat.

Nwangwu, in an audio circulating online, blamed his action on the woman, who he accused of mounting pressure on him until he succumbed to the temptation.

He equally disclosed that the woman, named Philomena Omeje, lied to him about her marital status.

He added that the first time they made love was after he drank a soft drink brought to his office by the woman in question.

Nwangwu said, “She told me that she was no longer with the husband; the pressure was too much; she never behaved like a married woman; she mentioned to me all other people who are dating her. I am so sorry that I succumbed to this temptation.

“She frequents my office and would always throw her legs wide open once she comes in.

“One of the days, she came with biscuits and RC coke; I don’t know how she came about it, but she said it’s just for us to eat; it was after consuming it that I started making love with her.

“I am a man, she was rubbing herself all over me, and she was pantless, I could not resist her any longer; she was not putting on any underwear; I feel so sorry right now, everyone should forgive me.

“The video is not the first time we are making love; I just recorded that video on that particular day to have evidence. I was scared that someone could set me up; that’s why I did the video. She was even holding the phone in one of the videos.

“The boys he brought to beat me up demanded that I transfer one million Naira to them; they saw that there was no such money in my account; they then transferred every kobo in my account; the woman was there.

“I was asking her, ‘why are you doing this to me?’ She said I should just obey the boys and transfer the one million Naira.

“After that, they now dragged me to Opi Junction, where they claimed that I was caught raping Philomena; it was from there that we were taken to the police station.

“The DPO interviewed us, during which the woman now said I did not rape her; we were then both detained for two days. She said she framed me up because she felt I had money but didn’t want to give her.

“I made a mistake by sleeping with Philomena; it was a temptation I could not resist; she comes to my office almost naked; and would open everything up right there in my office.

“All I am saying is the truth; the same group that she brought to beat me up were the same people that posted the video to social media. I started receiving calls that our video was trending.

“I am really so sorry, but the truth is that she told me she was no longer with her husband.

“Ever since my wife left, I have never slept with any woman; I don’t have such time, but the temptation from the woman was so much. I am sorry, everyone should forgive me; it’s an embarrassment to me and a very great lesson to me.”

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