‘She Was My Only Child’, Slain Lawyer Bolanle Raheem’s Mother Speaks

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The mother of slain lawyer, Bolanle Raheem, who was gruesomely murdered on Christmas day, December 25, by a trigger-happy police officer in the Ajah Area of Lagos state, has expressed her sadness over the loss of her daughter, who was her only child.

Bolanle Raheem

The distraught mum expressed her grief while speaking with Abiodun Alabi, the Lagos police commissioner, during a condolence visit by the latter to her house on Tuesday, December 27.

The deceased’s mother said she hawked oranges to ensure that Raheem studied law in university.

‘I cannot see my ‘The Law’ again. People usually call her ‘The Law’. She was taken away from me. She was pregnant with twins. She died with her glory. She left a five-year-old daughter behind. And they took her away.

On Monday, my granddaughter came to me and said ‘Grandma Iju Ishaga, I saw you yesterday when you were crying; you were shouting; is it because of my mummy?’ And I said ‘yes’.

Then she came again and told me, ‘Pastor Jerry said what God cannot do does not exist; so, grandma, stop crying’. And she kissed me on the cheek.

Just like that, she was taken away from me. Oluwagbenga (referring to the deceased’s husband), you won’t see your love. It is not easy. A child that I have been training since childhood. I suffered over her. I hawked oranges; there is nothing I did not do.

God please fight for me. My only child.” she said

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