Seyi Tinubu: People Do Not Understand How Big The Polo Tournament Is – Ibrahim

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Ex-officio of Kano Polo Club, Farouk Ibrahim has berated those criticizing Seyi Tinubu’s visit to Kano.

Recall that Tinubu had come under heavy criticism for flying a presidential jet to watch the Polo Tournament in Kano on Sunday.

However, Ibrahim argued that people should focus on the positive impact of Tinubu’s visit.

He urged those angry with the situation to stop nitpicking and turning the event into a political issue.

Expressing his delight at the president’s son visit, Ibrahim, a former public relations officer for Kano Polo Club, cited the arrival of high-profile figures like emirs, the deputy senate president, and representatives of the Kano state government as highlights that made the occasion truly remarkable.

Speaking to bellnews, he emphasized the promotional value brought by Seyi’s visit and acknowledged the competition’s significant role.

Ibrahim who claimed he has been playing polo for 30 years, said the 2023 Kano Tourney is one of the best ever organised in the country and contended that Seyi’s visit was a reflection of his passion for national unity, and diversity, and his steadfast conviction in inclusivity, which was demonstrated by his constant efforts to cross cultural divides and advance togetherness.

Ibrahim’s words, “This year’s tournament is one of the best we’ve ever had. We had 48 teams from all around the country, along with six foreigners—from Iran, Pakistan, two Argentines, and South Africa—that is why. Again, it’s one of the best we’ve ever had in the nation because it’s challenging everywhere else. To see a club hosting 48 teams from around the country.

“Another thing that made the event colourful was the arrival of VIPs such as some emirs, the deputy senate president, some representatives of the Kano state government, and one of our family members, Seyi Tinubu, the son of the current president.

“Seyi Tinubu is a family polo member because he plays polo with the Lagos Polo Club, and this is the first time he will be visiting the Kano Polo Club. We actually sent him an invitation, and we’re glad he honoured our invitation. We are grateful to him, and he made our tournament colorful. The fact that we saw some people talking on social media that the president’s son took a private jet from Abuja to Kano just to watch a polo game closely shows people don’t understand how big the Kano Polo Tournament is; it’s an international tournament that put Nigeria on the global map. We’re proud of him and happy, and we hope to see him again.”

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