Senator Ifeanyi Ubah Asserts Self-Reliance for Anambra Governance

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah Asserts Self-Reliance for Anambra Governance

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Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, representing Anambra Senatorial District in the National Assembly under the All Progressives Congress (APC), has outlined his vision for Anambra’s future, emphasizing self-reliance and global integration.

Speaking to journalists in Nnewi on Tuesday, Senator Ubah underscored his commitment to leveraging the rich diaspora community of Anambra and harnessing media platforms to elevate the state’s global presence if elected governor in 2025. He showcased his ongoing project, the “Nnewi Heights” 6-storey Media/Events Centre, as a testament to his dedication to modern infrastructure development.

Senator Ubah proposed a governance model that prioritizes tapping into Anambra’s diaspora network for investment opportunities, minimizing reliance on federal allocations and informal sector revenues. He envisioned establishing bilateral relationships with Anambra communities worldwide and cultivating international partnerships to attract investments.

Highlighting his approach, Senator Ubah stressed the importance of data-driven development and leveraging media and ICT to showcase Anambra’s potential on the global stage.

Moreover, Senator Ubah emphasized his capacity to transform infrastructure and livelihoods in Anambra without imposing undue burdens on the populace. He pledged to empower citizens, particularly youths, to deter crime through technology-driven security measures.

Security emerged as a top priority for Senator Ubah, who aimed to replicate successful security models from Nnewi across Anambra. He aimed to combat insecurity and foster a safer environment conducive to economic prosperity.

Regarding his Media/Events Centre project, Senator Ubah expressed confidence in completing it by the third quarter of 2024, anticipating the creation of 400 jobs upon its completion. The facility, designed to host radio and TV stations, cinemas, conference halls, and event centers, embodies his commitment to enhancing media and entertainment infrastructure in Anambra.

In conclusion, Senator Ubah’s vision for Anambra revolves around self-sufficiency, global engagement, and innovative governance, underscoring his determination to usher in transformative change for the state.

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