Sen. Agege Is A Core Okpe Man

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For the records, it is painful that for political gains some persons will like to say things about promising aspiring politicians with fast rising profile. In recent times,there has been a constant questioning as regards how is Senator Ovie Omo Agege an Okpe man by some persons in the Okpe Union ,Warri Branch hence I decided to put up this write up to clear the air .

Constitutionally, you become a citizen of a place by birth, naturalization, marriage ,conferment etc

For your consumption, He (Senator Ovie Omo Agege) is an Okpe man by birth.

The Senator’s grandmother (paternal) is from Aghalokpe community in Okpe LGA of Delta State.

His( Sen. Agege’s ) Father ; James Ohwotemu Agege as was fondly called by His Aghalokpe Brothers and Sisters was given birth to by Mama Eghrudjakpor Emamogho daughter of Onokpayunu (of which I’m one of the Onokpayunus from same quarter with the Ageges as brothers.) .

Onokpayunu is the third child of Ogoni the founder of Aghalokpe. After Onovwiona ,the second is Itive and thirdly Onokpayunu.

The Father James built a compound for his mother in the community which is popularly referred to as “WHITE HOUSE” as was one of the best of its time .

The Father played a key role(90%) to birth the three state political wards as well as other community services.

As it stands, Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the fourth generation of the descendants of Ogoni the founder of Aghalokpe community.

When you hear the Senator says I’m an Okpe man, he is saying it with all sense of boldness as he is a bonafide Okpe man.

You will agree with me that he is our Omizu .

I have been quite disturbed when we talk of Okpe Governorship moves and we try to segregate . In the context of Okpe Governorship, Sen. Agege is one of the Okpe sons running for the governor’s seat if he agrees to run and declares his interest.

He has been of great help in the Operation light up Okpe . He has never abadoned Okpe at all. He has approved some projects for Aghalokpe community too .

I trust and hope this will educate the ignorance of “IS SENATOR OVIE OMO AGEGE AN OKPE MAN???”

I urge Okpe to stand by their own Senator Ovie Omo Agege who has all it takes to be next Governor of our dear State .

I am an Onokpayunu ,from same quarter with the Ageges and same voting unit.

We must embrace our own and not for cheap political gains want to cover truth. As far as I’m concerned truth heals . This truth has healed the sick ignorance of his being an Okpe.

God bless you richly.



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